12 October 2016

Our new challenge: a Gym for Palagano (MO) – Italy

Our next project, that’s under construction, is a gym in Palagano (MO) completely made of wood. The “boundary conditions” and the customer requirements are very stringent […]
26 June 2016

University of Parma: the pole of innovation will be built from timber!

A centre of absolute worldwide excellence in the research on drones and self-driving cars, a concentrate of top-level technology, an American partner, leader in the field […]
20 June 2016

San Felice: a new CLT day-care centre made by Ergodomus

Work in progress on the new day-care centre designed by the architect Mauro Frate and calculated/engineered by Ergodomus.
8 June 2016

MFSII wins the Silver Lion in Venice!

“Architecture Biennale” in Venice is one of the most important events in the world of Architecture and is now in its fifteenth edition. This year, the […]
12 January 2016


 Dear Madame, dear Sir: welcome! This could be the only word of greeting. In fact, today begins a new adventure: Ergodomus 2.0. I would like to […]
12 January 2016

The new gym in Cavezzo: 100% made of timber

The gym, is located in a “sports center” that includes more activities. Currently this area is bounded on the north by a small outdoor play ground, […]
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