DfMAy 2022

Free Conference on Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is an innovative approach that aims to identify, quantify, and reduce waste or inefficiency in a product design. For us, timber engineers, it means adding a new layer to value engineering.

DfMA has driven our work since the firm was established in 2007. Therefore, we decided to dedicate the whole month of May to explore DfMA methodology and illustrate how we’ve used it in our past projects.

The main appointment has been the DfMAy conference, a virtual conference we hosted on the 26th of May, where Ergodomus discussed, together with 5 amazing international experts, the DfMA approach from different perspectives and that DfMA is the new value engineering tool.

Some important keywords that came up during the conference are: digital model, timber seen as a digital material, information sharing, detailing, collaboration, holistic, on-site problems prediction. All of these can be seen as a way to value engineer the project, lower the risk, and make timber the most cost-effective solution to go for.

If you missed it, don’t worry! You can watch the registration for free here below.

Our international speakers

We’re happy to say that the first edition of the DfMAy conference was a success, with hundreds of attendees from all over the world and live-streamed simultaneously on three different platforms: Zoom, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

We also saved all the questions that came up during the Q&A session at the end and made it possible to interact with all the comments, so we invite you to click here to go to our company page on LinkedIn and comment under the conference’s video.

Your feedback is important to us!

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