Check some of the videos below about our vision of mass timber, digital model, and timber engineering.
Ergodomus is a technology driven timber engineering firm that works internationally in more than 15 countries with over 300 mass timber projects completed.
In the videos below you can see our director's insights about the future of mass timber and the challenges of mass timber engineering.

DfMAy Conference - 2022

With hundreds of attendees from all over the world, live-streamed simultaneously on our website and 3 different platforms and including five great speakers and a final q&a session, here's the first DfMAy conference!
DfMA is not just "Design for Manufacturing and Assembly" but is much more, in this first edition we started to explore all the different meanings and applications.

Organizer: Ergodomus Timber Engineering.
Date: May 26th 2022.
Location: Virtually.

Podcast #1| Mass Timber & CLT

In May 2022, Ergodomus was invited as first guest to the first edition of the The Off-site Channel's Podcast. We discussed timber engineering, mass timber, technical design, sustainability, and much more. We then gave a brief overview of current news and upcoming events.

Organizer: The Off-site Channel.
Date: May 4th 2022.
Location: Virtually.

Zak Engineered Timber Envelopes

#Zakete is an exclusive event about the mass timber industry with a special focus of timber envelopes.
In the presentation we explain why timber can represent a good alternative for façades and be the most cost-effective material to go for.

Organizer: Zak Engineered Timber Envelopes.
Date: February 10th 2022.
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Hout Dag

English lecture by the Italian engineer Franco Piva (Ergodomus Timber Engineering). He advocates a holistic view of a project, from design to implementation. This way you can build much more efficiently, both in terms of construction time and in terms of material use.

Organizer: Hout Wereld.
Date: December 24th 2021.
Location: Arnhem, Netherlands.

Mass Timber March Madness

With a presentation about Mass Timber in Italy, our director gives his insights about the design of wooden structures: from static to building physics, to 3D drawings, including also CNC machine programming, shop and assembly drawings.

Organizer: Mass Timber City.
Date: March 18th 2021.
Location: Online, United States United States of America.
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