Designers, Builders, Developers, Manufacturers: everyone has a good reason to prefer Ergodomus!

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Thanks to Ergodomus, your idea, made entirely or partially in timber, will be safe: no matter the complexity!

We know how important your ideas are and we want you to feel comfortable working with us: we will help you to build what you’re dreaming. We like the challenges and we speak the same language. You’ll have just one company to talk to and we will take care of the feasibility study, structural analysis, value engineering and production drawings in a BIM/DfMA workflow. We can even work together in developing algorithms for complex geometries using the computational design and we’re sure that with Ergodomus you will spread your creativity! Have you ever thought about what you could do using timber and robot prefabrication?

In the 90’s it was WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) but now it’s time to evolve to WYDIWG® (What You Draw Is What You Get)! It’s similar to use a 3D printer (you create the 3D model and a machine will produce it) but we work on different scales and we use CNC machines.

Don’t forget: the sooner you contact us, the better it is! Even if it is a competition!

Developers and real estate investors

Why are you not using timber yet?

It’s not Ergodomus, it’s not the timber industry; the market and the environment where we all live are asking the building industry to go for more sustainable materials. It’s not an option anymore.

It won't be an easy transition, we know it. But we know that we can help you by offering you highly innovative solutions for large-scale buildings: whether they are commercial or residential buildings, single-storey or multi-storey. It doesn’t matter how big they are, we can help you to find the most cost-effective solution: what about a hybrid solution combining LVL, CLT, GLT and perhaps steel and concrete? Optimization also means to get the most out of different structural materials to make the building cheaper. We work in a BIM/DfMA workflow and we can easily become part of your own workflow, no extra worries for you.

It does not matter what continent/country you are, our international historical experience is at your service.

Who said that timber is the most expensive solution? Give us a try and contact us!

Builders and General Contractors

Wood is a noble and versatile material and knowing how to use could bring you new opportunities!

We’ve been engineering timber buildings all over the world for more than 13 years and Value Engineering is part of our workflow. We know how to optimize the structures and how to find the most cost-effective solution. Whether you win a public/private tender or your client asks you to use timber as much as possible for the building in order to reduce its carbon footprint, we can help you.

We see value engineering as a challenge and we like challenges: we can work together to compare different solutions in a holistic approach taking into consideration many different parameters such as acoustic, building physics, static, logistic, off-site vs. on-site, etc… We are not selling any material/product, we are selling drawings, ideas and added values to your building making it feasible with timber.

CLT-GLT-LVL Manufacturers

We work with many producers and therefore “we speak your own language”: DfMA.

Whether you’re a CLT, GLT, LVL, or other timber-based structural material producers, we can work together. We can be easily part of your workflow and be the “missing link” between you and designers, developers, builders.

We got used to dealing with different building codes: Europe, Canada, US, South Africa, Singapore, etc… Complex geometries? No problem, our computational design department is at your service to find new workflow compatible with your materials and CNC machines.

Perhaps we’re using the same software (HSBcad) which makes the process easier, but perhaps not (CadWork, Dietrich’s, Sema, etc…). Don’t worry we can customize our output files: .ifc, element by element .dxf-.pdf part list, .btl and .bvn files. Yes: btl and bvn are included, we do it daily!

We will also make the nesting, the assembly plans and the loading plans so you will focus only on the production: we’ll take care of the design! We know how important it is and we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years working with many manufacturers all over the world.

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