DfMAy: Virtual Conference about DfMA, Timber, and more.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a revolutionary approach that reshapes how we think about construction and design. By focusing on minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency from the earliest stages of product design, DfMA stands at the forefront of sustainable and innovative engineering practices. It aims to identify, quantify, and eliminate inefficiency, ensuring that every element is designed with its end-use in mind.

Since 2007, when Ergodomus was born, DfMA has been the driving force behind our projects. Recognizing the incredible power of DfMA, in 2021, we inaugurated the DfMAy conference.

International Expertise on a Global Stage

Each year, the DfMAy conference opens its virtual doors to a diverse group of international experts, each a beacon of knowledge in their respective fields. These specialists come together to share their invaluable experiences, insights, and innovations.

DfMAy is a unique online conference that fosters collaboration and idea exchange among bright minds in the industry. Attendees are invited to dive into knowledge, exploring the DfMA approach from various angles and discovering how it can serve as the new benchmark for value engineering.

Taking part at DfMAy

Join us at DfMAy, where innovation meets practicality, and explore how DfMA can revolutionize your approach to design and construction. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning to explore the possibilities of DfMA, this conference promises to be an enriching experience that will expand your horizons and inspire your work.

If you have never participated in a DfMAy edition or want to relive the previous two editions, below you can relive both the first and second editions of DfMAy. Enjoy watching!

DfMAy 2024 – 3° Edition

Each year, DfMAy becomes a vibrant forum where brilliant minds dissect complex and innovative topics in Mass Timber Engineering.

We’re proud of what it has become: a place where Mass Timber experts and enthusiasts exchange experiences, thoughts, and ideas, dive into discussions, and seek answers to pressing questions.
Joined by international experts, this year we tackled essential issues such as Leadership in the Building Sector and Tolerances at Interfaces, enriching our collective knowledge and sparking engaging conversations.

We’ve compiled a valuable document featuring key insights and contributions from the speakers at our conference. Take a look at it!

DfMAy 2023 – 2° Edition

The second edition of DfMAy was an enormous success! Speakers’ inspiring presentations had a great impact on the whole conference and the knowledge and experiences shared gave to the audience a valid overview about the future of sustainable building practices.

We collected some slides and made a super precious document available for free. In this compilation you can find the speakers key insights and contributions during the conference.

DfMAy 2022 – 1° Edition

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