DfMAy 2024 – III edition

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly is here to stay, and its potential is boundless. 

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a revolutionary approach that reshapes how we think about construction and design. By focusing on minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency from the earliest stages of product design, DfMA stands at the forefront of sustainable and innovative engineering practices. It aims to identify, quantify, and eliminate inefficiency, ensuring that every element is designed with its end-use in mind.

DfMA has driven our work since the firm was established in 2007 allowing us to engineer more than 300 buildings in more that 17 countries.

You can attend the conference both on Zoom and LinkedIn. We are proud to let you know that this conference is completely free on both platforms.

Click on the ticket image here below to register to the event! The conference will be broadcast on two platforms, Zoom and LinkedIn. Both platforms are completely free but we recommend LinkedIn as there are unlimited seats and you can ask questions in the comments section.

As we did in the previous edition, after the Live Conference we will collect the most significant slides from each presentation and made a super precious document available for free.

In this compilation you can find the speakers key insights and contributions during each speech!

Challenges and experiences that are worth sharing

This year, our esteemed speakers will tackle key themes such as digital modeling, timber as a digital material, information sharing, detailing, collaboration, holistic approaches, and predicting on-site challenges. But what sets DfMAy apart is our commitment to authenticity and learning from experience.

We believe in the power of sharing success stories and the challenges and lessons learned along the way. That’s why our speakers will focus on sharing their real-world experiences, providing invaluable insights into the nuances of Mass Timber engineering.

DfMAy’s International Speaker

In both editions we paid much attention to the quality of speakers. We sought out experts in the field who could actively contribute to the sharing of knowledge and, above all, experience related to very important topics about Mass Timber. This year we feel an even greater responsibility to bring relevant, innovative, engaging topics designed to stimulate thought and debate.

This year’s speakers are some of the leading exponents and experts on the topics that characterize the DfMA approach. We are ready to deepen into numerous arguments such as digital model, timber as a digital material, information sharingdetailingcollaboration, holistic, on-site problems prediction. If you want to learn more about our incredible speakers, click on their name to visit their LinkedIn profile.

Click on the Speaker image to visit his LinkedIn profile

Click on the Speaker image to visit his LinkedIn profile

Speaker to be announced

Speaker to be announced

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Catch up on the first two editions if you missed them!

The first edition of DfMAy has been a success and numbers speak for themselves! A few hundreds people attended our online free conference sharing priceless knowledge, information and experiences. If you missed it, here you can find the entire conference!

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