10 November 2020

Visit the Vasa Museum

A few months ago, I was in Stockholm for some business meetings and I took the chance to visit the Vasa Museum.
21 October 2020

Mass Timber Rising Star

“I remember when in 1995 I was going around the South Tirolean Alps selling threaded rods, nuts, blades for band saws, and nail gun hardware for […]
4 October 2020
Save the date!

Sidewalk Labs – Reflections on the Dream

Our director, Franco Piva, contributed to two workshops that took place in Toronto in December 2018 and October 2019 to introduce – and help develop – Sidewalk Labs’ concept for a radical new urban development in the city: a whole new district formed from engineered (mass) timber and entitled ‘Waterfront Toronto’.
21 May 2020

Modular building design

New timber towers in Trondheim illustrate the growing international demand for modular building design and construction
12 May 2020

Ergodomus: we have news!!

Way before the emergence of fake news, the proverbial phrase “no news is good news” is believed to have originated with King James I of England […]
20 April 2020

Robotic Fabrication of Mass Timber Sound Diffusers

Any discussion of sound control in the context of mass timber has tended to concentrate on noise issues – how well or otherwise these products and […]
10 April 2020

Crisis of the Temporary

Who was not astonished when China first announced it intended to build a fully-functional hospital in Wuhan in the space of a week in response to […]
8 April 2020

Ergodomus: What we do

Regular readers of the Ergodomus newsletter will be aware that our timber engineering services have been applied in construction projects in a number of different countries […]
12 March 2020

New French public buildings must be made 50% from wood

The government of France is set to require all new public buildings to be made of at least 50% wood or other sustainable materials from 2022 […]
12 March 2020

‘Build-in-Wood’ European consortium aims to “take multi-storey timber mainstream”

A consortium of 21 European* companies and organisations has been formed with the aim of making timber the material of choice for multi-storey buildings instead of […]
24 February 2020

Save the date!

Mass Timber Summit & Hackathon Have you ever participated to a Hackathon? And to a Mass Timber Hackathon? Our friend Greg Howes is organizing one of […]
28 January 2020

Save the date: Mass Timber Academy

An initiative whose time has come: Europe’s first Mass Timber Academy is launched in Scotland!  Climate change, increasing urgency in the need to reduce our carbon […]
20 December 2019

Merry Christmas from Ergodomus!

If the building has an unconventional shape, the “traditional” calculation methods are no longer valid and specific numerical simulations (CFD) must be used. Here’s what happens […]
17 October 2019

The silent Killer

"Save the planet" is the mantra that is heard reciting daily in the global contest by all media and all events.
17 July 2019

How Will Timber Transform the Construction Industry?

Everyone is talking about timber buildings, but until a few years ago no one would have thought of using timber to build a skyscraper or a […]
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