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Timber houses: why do they rot? Great success for our poll!

Parziale sondaggio

Almost 200 designers (196 to be precise) participated in the survey proposed in late February on our pages about a very delicate issue which is quite often neglected: the durability of wooden buildings.

Here Below we collected in aggregate and summarized the results together with some comments:

  • Approximately one-third of participants did not experience in the design of wooden buildings (zero buildings designed), one-third has designed less than 10 wooden buildings and another third more than 10 wooden buildings
  • 33% have not yet had experience of rotting wooden buildings
  • 94% believe correctly that the detail of ground attack is the result of a team work between companies and designers
  • 95% think that this detail is very important
  • The same percentage (95%) believe that the detail of ground attack must be approved by the project manager. This is a very interesting figure because often this phase of approval before the arrival on the construction site is neglected.
  • 40% believe that the platform frame structure is the most delicate
  • Finally, 78% believe that a wooden house can last over 100 years


Some funny facts related to the survey:
– The shortest answer: “..”
– The most witty answer: “Antani” (impossible to translate in english: it’s a pretty famous joke)
– The most incomprehensible answer: “xxxxxxxx”
– The most enigmatic answer: “??”
– The early riser: 6:42 a.m.
– The night owl: 00:44 a.m.


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Sondaggio 02-2016 – Moduli Google_Purge

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