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Updated: Jun 17

Operating across national borders, working across continents – all in a day’s work for Ergodomus.

Way before the emergence of fake news, the proverbial phrase “no news is good news” is believed to have originated with King James I of England who, in 1616, is reputed to have said “no news is better than evil news”.

Here at Ergodomus, however, we believe in only providing good news of likely interest to the many construction and property professionals we send our monthly newsletter to. This news item is slightly different, though: we’re giving you advance notice that the next issue of the Ergodomus newsletter will itself be a good news story!

After several years of maintaining the same graphic format, we realised that the work and aspirations of our company had grown considerably and that our newsletter, website and other graphic material now needed to reflect Ergodomus’ wider international spectrum of operation. A lot of time and energy has thus gone into rethinking how other people perceive the skills and experience we have as a company and the resources and services we bring to each project, wherever in the world it may be.

Ergo (!), you will be the first to see our new look and we hope you’ll find it pleasing: a cleaner, fresher image which we feel better represents where we now are as a company – still with the same professional ethos and passion for timber engineering that we’ve had since the company was established in 2007, but now with ouronlinepresence, studio Infrastructure reconfigured and expanded to streamline our ability  to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the fast-changing and exciting global marketplacein which we increasingly find ourselves operating. 

Many of the projects we are engaged in are planned for construction in distant locations and involve complex logistics and collaboration with an ever-expanding range of outstanding partner professionals with whom excellent regular communication is essential. Our new look is much more than just an upgrade to our existing company image: it represents reassurance to others that Ergodomus not only has tried and tested abilities in timber engineering, but also brings creativity and imagination to the design process. Put simply, our newsletter represents what we are interested in and, we hope,features on things you will be interested in too. Between the lines, we aim to provide an insight into what we believe we do best:it is about the art of timber engineering.

environmental issues that are detrimental to the ecology of the planet, These developments in engineered timber and timber engineering have been made possible through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), parametric design, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality systems*, all of which are used, singly or in combination, wherever appropriate, by the Ergodomus team.


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Our passion for timber engineering knows no limits nor borders. Whatever and wherever your timber engineering challenges might be, we’ll bring you inspired solutions. Call us. 

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