Shepparton Sports & Events Centre

TRCA Office Building
21 November 2019

The Shepparton Sports and Events Centre, located in the eponymous city in northern Victoria (Australia) will be an iconic and innovative facility to serve the entire community. This incredibly big structure, where GLT plays an important role both structurally and aesthetically, will host 6 complete courts, a 3000 seat show court, changing facilities, functional and recriational areas.

This environmentally responsible sports and event centre is subdivided into two main structures:

  1. Community court
  2. Show court

Challenging dimensions

Designing structures with production and shipping of various elements to different parts of the globe in mind is a fundamental part of our work but this time the challenge was particularly ambitious due to the huge dimensions of all the timber elements that had to be shipped in Australia.

Although we are familiar with shipping to Australia the 42 meters element composing the 24 portals had to be deeply analyzed and wisely designed since every single one of them will have to be shipped in a standard container (40 ft – 11,9 m) and reassembled on site.

Services We Provided

Given all these structural and logistic aspects, structural analysis played a pivotal role in delivering a perfectly secure structure. A particular attention had to be given to connection design, especially the ones that kept the columns connected.

Vertical deformations
Horizontal deformations
Wind Loads pressures
Axial Forces diagrams

A lot of more information and pictures will be coming soon, stay tuned!

Theca Timber Australia

Theca Timber as a brand of Theca Australia was created to become the point of reference in Australia for consulting designers and engineers as well as to provide full supply of eco-sustainable, prefabricated, engineered timber structures. To help the construction industry to fight climate change by using net zero embodied carbon solutions like mass-timber is our mission.


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