• Heimdalsporten B-D

    Modular Buildings in Norway
  • 3D Thermal FEM Analysis of Windows Frame

    In this project, through the use of 3D thermal FEM analysis, we verified the absence of the thermal bridge in the window frame.
  • Y Timber

    Y Timber is the new multi-purpose building for Nelson Mandela University in George Town, South Africa.
  • Vestbyen A-B-C-D

    New residential complex with four modular buildings in Oslo.
  • G124

    G124 is the group of young professionals who participated in the collective project, carried out by Arch. Renzo Piano, for the redevelopment of peripheral areas.
  • Horizon 2020

    New European project improving the sustainability of European construction. Build-in-Wood strives to make wood a natural choice for the construction of multi-storey buildings.
  • Parametric Wall

    An experiment to directly test the advantages offered by the union of algorithmic modeling with digital fabrication methods.
  • 11-Storey Mass Timber Building

    Design Competition for a Multi-Storey Mass Timber Building
  • SMU Batch 2

    Singapore Management University
  • SMU Batch 1

    Singapore Management University
  • Durst

    A hybrid construction, the main structure is made of concrete, the building’s auditorium from steel and its undulating façade from CLT.
  • Heimdalsporten A-C

    Modular Buildings in Norway.
  • 6 CLT Storey in Modena

    This building is made entirely of timber, including its lift shaft and stairs!
  • Parametric Spiral Staircase

    Project of a modular parametric staircase in CLT.
  • Town Hall in Crespole

    The building has a rectangular single-storey plan – 20 x 14 m – and develops on a maximum height of 4.5 m with a bi-layer roof. […]
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