Three-storey modular building in North Holland.

Tuinfluiter is a modular 3-storey residential building in Heerhugowaard (North Holland) hosting 30 apartments.

This highly innovative and sustainable building is made by wooden modules with CLT floor and roof and a system of GLT columns and beams. The whole building is a wise combination of traditional construction for the entrance hall and corridor and modules for the dwellings.

Ergodomus’ scope of work was the structural analysis of the building which included a deep and stringent calculation of all the forces acting on the structure (wind, earthquake, live load, dead load, etc…).

Services We Provided

In particular, within the structural analysis Ergodomus focused on the accidental analysis simulating a progressive collapse caused by the collapse of a beam. The beam that was removed during the designing process produced the desired result, in fact, as visible in the pictures below, even without a beam the structure would not collapse.

Studying the robustness of a structure is highly important and meaningful since the life safety of the building occupants is a priority and should not be compromised for any reason. Regarding the safety of the occupants, moreover, the whole structure has been designed considering  60 minutes fire rating.

Accidental analysis – bending moments
Accidental analysis – vertical deformation
1st vibration mode
2nd vibration mode
3rd vibration mode

Ergodomus, in collaboration with the dutch company, also developed unique steel connections to connect all the modules together and to the foundation. Connections are a fundamental part of every project when talking about modular. Developing, engineering, and adopting the best connection permits a noticeable reduction of several aspects such as time and costs: this is why it can easily be considered one of the most important parts of each module.

These bespoken connections, in fact, deeply influence the whole stability of the building and the possibility to disassemble each module and reassemble them somewhere else in the future. Finch Buildings decided to collaborate for the designing of this crucial part of each module with Ergodomus given the company’s experience, competence, and know-how in this field.

Finch Buildings

Finch Buildings makes high-quality modular buildings for every target group. We have developed a building system consisting of prefabricated modules, which are suitable for every target group and application. As a studio, two- or three-room apartment, office, care apartment or hotel.


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