Town Hall in Crespole

21 January 2019

Town Hall in Crespole (PT) made of CLT and glulam.

The new Town Hall in Crespole is a single-storey building entirely made of timber. The administration wanted to have a sustainable and super energy-efficient building and we worked hard together with the members of the team and especially with the architect Alessandro Bernardini who put a huge amount of effort into this project.
Both external and internal walls are made of CLT panels: 120mm and 160mm because of the fire rating requirements F-60. The roof is made in a “traditional” way using timber beams.

What makes this project “different” is:

  • One of the very few public buildings made of timber awarded by the certification “CasaClima Gold”.
  • We tested a 100% .ifc workflow to guarantee high quality and the possibility for the administration to carefully check all the stages and all the materials on site.
  • This .ifc workflow is based on the DfMA approach and proves that our motto “What You Draw Is What You Get – wydiwyg” works very well and meets the needs of the public administrations to keep the “control of the project”
  • The .ifc workflow can make the difference on-site because all the information are stored in one single model.

Virtual Tour

Council House
by ErgodomusTimberEngineering
on Sketchfab

Architect: Alessandro Bernardini ()

Mechanical engineer: Umberto Giornelli eng.



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