Town Hall in Crespole

Parametric Spiral Staircase
24 August 2020
TRCA Office Building
21 October 2019

Town Hall in Crespole (PT) made of CLT and glulam.

The new Town Hall in Crespole is a single-storey building entirely made of timber. The administration wanted to have a sustainable and super energy-efficient building and we worked hard together with the members of the team and especially with the architect Alessandro Bernardini who puts a huge amount of effort into this project.
Both external and internal walls are made of CLT panels: 120mm and 160mm because of the fire rating requirements F-60. The roof is made in a “traditional” way using timber beams.

What makes this project “different” is:

  • One of the very few public buildings made of timber awarded by the certification “CasaClima Gold”.
  • We tested a 100% .ifc workflow to guarantee high quality and the possibility for the administration to carefully check all the stages and all the materials on site.
  • This .ifc workflow is based on the DfMA approach and proves that our motto “What You Draw Is What You Get – wydiwyg” works very well and meets the needs of the public administrations to keep the “control of the project”
  • The .ifc workflow can make the difference on-site because all the information are stored in one single model.

Virtual Tour

Council House
by ErgodomusTimberEngineering
on Sketchfab

Architect: Alessandro Bernardini ()

Mechanical engineer: Umberto Giornelli eng.



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