St. Aidan Sports Hall

As part of the Ambiwerra Sports Precinct Redevelopment, the St. Aidan sports hall in Brisbane, located at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, stands as a remarkable world-class sports facility.

This exceptional sports hall, with a composition of 13 robust portals and crafted from 135 cubic meters of spruce glued laminate timber, demonstrates the remarkable potential of timber as a building material, even for structures of this nature. The basketball court spans over 23 meters, encompassing the indoor hall and establishing a durable and sustainable mass timber framework for the entire sports arena.

Our scope of work included a complete value and structural analysis of the whole timber skeleton. In addition to timber, our analysis and design concerned the robust bracing and the hidden steel connections. Specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes, a lot of time and commitment has been dedicated to all the details.

Services We Provided

One detail that required great attention (and which demonstrates how many things need to be analyzed in a project) was the structure of the basketball hoop that had to be connected to timber. We’re proud to say that in St. Aidan’s Court, the basketball hoop connection is designed to withstand the tough dunks of most NBA players…so Mr. Lebron, you can dunk it with no problem!

To guarantee a perfect final result and maximize the efficiency on site we finally prepared all the assembly and lifting plans

We delivered all these services thanks to our “Designed for Manufacturing and Assembly” approach, which allows us to create an “as-built” 3D model before reaching the site.

The power of the digital model

The digital model, an indispensable file to manage information like quantities, logistic, assembly number and other proprieties before you go on site, plays a determining role in every project no matter it’s size and complexity.

The St Aidan project had another major challenge that we faced and which the digital model helped solve: the huge distance between our office and the construction site. More than 16,000 km separate our engineering department from Brisbane but thanks to the file’s perfection, the construction process went perfectly smooth.


Theca Timber Australia

Theca Timber as a brand of Theca Australia was created to become the point of reference in Australia for consulting designers and engineers as well as to provide full supply of eco-sustainable, prefabricated, engineered timber structures. To help the construction industry to fight climate change by using net zero embodied carbon solutions like mass-timber is our mission.


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