SMU Batch 2
20 October 2020
Durst HQ
13 October 2020

Singapore Management University

Located between SMU’s School of Accountancy and School of Law, the new five-storey building will add over 8,600 square metres (sqm) of teaching-and-learning space to SMU’s city campus.

In line with SMU’s commitment towards developing a smart, green and sustainable campus, the new building will be the city centre’s first large-scale Mass Engineered Timber (MET) and is also its first On-site Net Zero Energy Building, being self-sustainable with its own power generated from a photovoltaic system located within the same building.

Singaporean commitment to sustainability – News | Stora Enso

The structure is characterized by a steel-wood hybrid system which furnishes not only aesthetically pleasing. In fact, using CLT panels floor slab led to a substantially reduced self-weight and decreased the time on-site, compared with the reinforced concrete slab option.



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