Parametric Façade

Hanji House Pavilion
22 April 2022

For a very special customer, we have designed and engineered this parametric façade. The result is amazing!

Our client, who has always been a “timber lover“, came to us asking for a “disruptive“ façade for his old garage but he did not know exactly what he was looking for. Despite the small size of the project, our computational design department was super excited and worked on some different solutions since the client gave us “carte blanche“.

We created then an algorithm that could generate a sort of a “random surface“ that partially covers the garage and recalls the surrounding mountains. The idea was so nice that the customer has decided in the blink of an eye.

Once the surface and the vertical elements have been created, the algorithm was expanded by adding some extra features: tagging of elements and creation of joints.

We deeply value-engineered the project considering the cost of the raw panels, so reduced the waste of the materials by nesting all the elements. Despite the very irregular shape of the panels, the waste was less than 10%.

Then we created and sent the files for a 5-axes CNC machine to carpentry pretty close to our office.

And now guess who was the client and who assembled all the elements!

The result is amazing: isn’t it?


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