Convent in Bologna

Double Curvature Façade
4 October 2018

Entirely made of CLT, it’s realized over a pre-existing building and it has a structural behavior which could somehow be resembled to a bridge.

The new building has two storey above ground and it’s entirely made of CLT except for five steel columns linked to the roof. The construction, built in Bologna, rises in the center of the inner court of a convent.

The significant aspect of this project is the fact the court was built in the ‘80s and it has an underground room for prayers with a concrete ceiling.

Considering this, we were forced to design a building that could interfere as less as possible with the preexisting space. In order to achieve this goal the CLT structure doesn’t load directly the concrete ceiling, but it loads only the perimeter underground concrete walls.

The west portion of the building is set on a new concrete foundation supported by poles in order not to overload the existing concrete walls with lateral forces.

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