Browne Park Stadium

Obsidian Rain Pavilion
26 May 2021

Browne Park Stadium, Rockhampton’s home of rugby league and Central Queensland Capras, is about to receive a major redevelopment and modernization that will make it a sports landmark for the entire region.

Part of the significant upgrade, and one of the most scenic elements, will definitely be the large timber roof covering the stands.


The stadium canopy, thanks to it’s 12 beams that span 20 meters, will guarantee shade for a total length of 90 meters when the roof is completed.

This MTE structure is extremely elegant and the use of timber as building material makes it sustainable and strong as well as creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gathering.

Ergodomus, contracted by Theca, is working on the Structural Analysis of the whole facility as well as connection design. Connection design, giving the size of most of the elements in this canopy, is crucial since it directly impact the overall strength and stability.

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A lot of more information and pictures will be coming soon, stay tuned!

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