We are addicted to wood

Timber engineering is, for all of us, a creative discipline that is made by our education, knowledge, skills and experience.

The Italian Timber Engineer

Everyone knows me as Franco Piva the ‘Italian Timber Engineer', as I founded Ergodomus Timber Engineering in 2007, and have been blessed with work from across the world.

This has given me the opportunity to harness my training and experience as a Structural Engineer and focus on my passion, which is the world’s best known renewable building material… wood.

Since then, we have engineered hundreds of timber buildings of varying types and scale in different parts of the world from our base near Trento in the north of Italy.

This experience has placed us amongst the leading companies in the global market for timber engineering skills and the quality of our services.

We have worked in over 14 countries, engineering more than 300 mass timber buildings for a total of about 15.000 tons of CO2 stored each year.


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