About us

Passionate timber engineers.

Able to give it new life in every building or structure that builders, architects, designers, engineers, public administrations, carpenters or artists can create.

We offer complete technical support for engineering timber structures that is:

  • static calculation;
  • 3d design of the structure;
  • programming of CNC machines;
  • preparation of shop and assembly drawings;
  • building physics: FEM thermal analysis. Thermohygrometric checks in static and dynamic conditions.

Ergodomus Timber Engineering was founded in 2007 to design wooden buildings, wood is a noble and versatile material but it’s design can be a real challenge. We offer our clients a complete and comprehensive design package as a result we are one of the most advanced consultancies in this field.
We have collaborated with the best companies in the construction sector and built more than 250 buildings including many extremely complex structures such as hotels, houses, multi-storey buildings, gyms, schools, modular buildings and even floating structures!

Our team consists of experienced engineers, known internationally as speakers and trainers at conferences and training courses.


Why Ergodomus?


Reliable and creative partner

We love challenges, we can design complex geometries, combine different materials and construction systems and engineer structures of any size and complexity, such as mixed timber-glass facades.


Taylor made solutions

Designers, builders, developers and general contractors can easily choose the ideal wooden solutions specifically created by us for their projects without being bound by standardized products.


Full service

We specialise in a wide range of services related to the design of wooden structures: from static calculation to building physics evaluations to detailed design.


Innovative design

We have an innovative approach to design thanks to the 100% BIM compatible platform that allow us to optimize construction costs and time, assembly and maintenance of a building.


Not only wood

Our capabilities are not limited to timber, we can also design steel elements and reinforced concrete foundations. A single interlocutor that takes care of everything allows you to eliminate possible communication errors and allows a highly precise tracking of the underground parts, guaranteeing optimal results by combining the various materials.


Saving and optimization

We are at you your side from the inception to the delivery of your building / structure to ensure there are no hitches or slow-downs: from calculations, to the choice of the most suitable materials and solutions, in the right quantity and with the appropriate features to reduce the time and costs. On-site vs Off-site!


Research and Development

Education and dissemination on how to make the most of what wood offers is another of our passions. We write books, technical articles, we collaborate with different universities including “La Sapienza” in Rome, Trento and Bologna.

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Our passion knows no limits nor borders
We would be thrilled to work with you no matter where you are.

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