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1 3 月 2021

Unlocking the Benefits of Industrialised Timber Construction

Decades of sustainable forest management and timber engineering have created an opportunity to push the boundaries of what engineered timber can do: higher-rise, larger-scale, improved architectural flexibility, more predictable performance, accuracy and durability. However, its potential is not yet fully unlocked. Constant growth in a finite world simply cannot work when growth means that we are tapping into fossil resources.
1 3 月 2021

Eggstrordinary engineering!

Spring is in the air and Easter will soon be upon us. That means it is time for the annual Ergodomus Egg Competition.
11 2 月 2021

BIM and Timber: a perfect way of collaboration

Information management and […]
14 12 月 2020

LOD (Level Of Development)

These regulations also inc […]
9 12 月 2020

Structural Optimization

It’s Christmas time and he […]
22 10 月 2020

Acoustic parameter for timber buildings (part 3)

Impact sound insulation: how it relates to regulations and acoustic comfort.
22 10 月 2020

Acoustic parameter for timber buildings (part 2)

Impact sound insulation: how it is predicted and improved.
21 10 月 2020

Acoustic parameter for timber buildings (part 1)

Impact sound insulation: how it is measured and a quick glance at its underlaying physics.
24 2 月 2020


Since the beginning (2007), Ergodomus has always firmly believed in off-site construction and in the need of improving the building sector.
17 10 月 2019

Mass Timber Plants Growing Outside of Europe by Paul Kremer

Throughout 2019 we have seen some amazing achievements in the mass timber market around the world.
7 5 月 2019

Tall timber building – The results of the survey

It’s always interesting an […]
15 1 月 2019

U shaped membrane against moisture: problem or solution?

We often discuss with clie […]
3 10 月 2018

Tall timber building: what’s your opinion?

After the exponential grow […]
1 7 月 2018

Timber buildings: how long do they last? (Part 1)

One of the most common que […]
15 6 月 2018

CLT oversea: Find out how we did it!

In this article we will try to highlight the main aspects and limits of container transport based on our experience gained on oversea sites.
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