• Hanji House Pavilion

    Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and hosts some of the most iconic structures in the globe: from San Marco’s […]
  • Obsidian Rain Pavilion

    Ergodomus engineered the “Obsidian Rain” pavilion, which is one of the main attractions since it is located at the entrance to the Biennale Gardens. Our scope […]
  • G124

    G124 is the group of young professionals who participated in the collective project, carried out by Arch. Renzo Piano, for the redevelopment of peripheral areas.
  • Makoko Floating School II

    MFS II is a floating structure of 220 square meters and is spread over three floors that decrease their area in scale towards the apex of the building.
  • Double Curvature Façade

    Prototype of a self-supporting double-curved façade, discretized by linear timber beams.
  • Bamboo Stalactite

    Expertise craftmans arrived from Vietnam, have created Bamboo Stalactite, a shelter 6 meters high, 14m wide and 27m long. The installation, designed by the prestigious Vietnamese […]
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