Dining hall in Felino
17 February 2018
Multistorey CLT buildings in Veneto
20 June 2017

New headquarter for Vislab, a world leader in artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles.

A world leader in artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles, Vislab started as a University of Parma start-up company. After its acquisition by the multinational Ambarella, a new headquarter building was enquired. In partnership with a general contractor, Ergodomus collaborated in the project design and construction. The cost proved to be an important factor, requiring a highly innovative solution to ensure that the new building respected the budget criteria: a challenge made more arduous by the seismic nature of the location (Parma).

The 3.5-storey building is entirely made from CLT and Glulam. The 8m-span, T-shaped floor slabs are a hybrid of these two engineered timber products, prefabricated offsite using variably spaced screws to save time and money. The building does not adopt a concrete screed, since services and systems run through the webs, enabling a reduction in slab thickness and weight. A Glulam bracing system sits behind the glazed facade with elastomers, permitting movement between the two. 14cm thick recyclable cork panels are used to form the building’s external cladding. All these elements allowed the HQ to be finished in just four weeks.


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