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13 November 2020

Singapore will soon host one of the most incredible structure we proudly worked on.

In line with the principles of sustainability and innovation a 3,000 m2, all-weather event plaza, measuring 27 m in height, will be built in Singapore. With such dimensions this canopy harmoniously constructed between two buildings will be the tallest MET canopy structure in the island country in Southeast Asia.

Life under the canopy is going to be vibrant thanks to the very large space available for guests under the canopy. The plaza, in fact, will serve as a venue for relaxation and doubles up as a setting for large-scale community events.

Renders undoubtedly help to understand the size and complexity of the structure, but the numbers, extrapolated from the 3D models we created, speak for themselves.
Not only is the height of the columns noteworthy but also the overall area covered by the canopy makes it one of the largest and most elaborate structures we have ever worked on.

Services We Provided

Connecting gigantic elements

Engineering the canopy has been a great challenge due to the complexity and, especially the dimension of the numerous elements. The design of the connections for this massive project required a lot of effort and special commitment from our engineering team.

The greatest complexity in the connection design of this canopy was undeniably the dimensions required because of the incredibly big timber elements and the resulting forces.

Here below you can see some of the designed connections and their dimensions.

Sprint Canopy: a part of a bigger project


A lot of more information and pictures will be coming soon, stay tuned!

Venturer Timberwork


Venturer is a global timber contractor that provides durability, sustainability, and productivity to every project. Venturer began in 1995 with an ambitious project for the Singapore National Parks Board. Since then we have built on our achievements and embraced the latest in timber construction technology. Venturer’s approach is one of ensuring success by setting the standards for future buildings in terms of quality, design for ease of installation, sustainability and durability. 


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