Sports hall in Palagano

“Sacro Cuore” Kindergarten
20 June 2017

Completely made of wood, the "boundary conditions" and the customer's requirements are very strict. Another exciting engineering challenge.

Palagano is located 700m above sea level, in a very high seismic zone (not so far away from the “seismic crater” of 2012) thus, is required to use class IV. Class IV according to the Italian code means “strategic building”: the building must remain fully intact even after the design earthquake. This is a request of civil protection. A further complicating factor concerns the impossibility to transport elements longer than 12m and therefore the main roof’s beams are divide in 3 pieces connected by semi-rigid joints (calculated as rotational springs).

Virtual tour

The result of our work can be viewed and explored in the following virtual tour that represents the constructive design.


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