School in Castelvetro

Convent in Bologna
6 November 2018

The municipality of Castelvetro (close to Modena, Italy) was in the need of having more school rooms for the students. So they decided to extend the existing school building and the natural choice was to go for timber.

Ergodomus Timber Engineering in collaboration with Fabbricart won the tender and together started working very hard on the project with a precise common goal in mind: find the most cost-effective solution!

Ergodomus’ scope of work was the structural analysis and the production drawings (DfMA).

Services We Provided

Modena is in a seismic zone and therefore our challenge was to design a new building that is 100% independent from the old one. This means that in case of an earthquake the 2 buildings will NOT work together and this is very important for the safety of the people.

The extension is spread over two levels with a CLT wooden structure on a reinforced concrete foundation, the building is nearing completion.


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