“Sacro Cuore” Kindergarten

San Felice Daycare Center
20 June 2017

This project was executed with the probono contribution of nine manufacturers.

FederlegnoArredo, a major player in the Italian wood sector, supported this project’s conception by entrusting the static design and the management of the nine suppliers to Ergodomus. The building occupies a single floor of 1700m² with a single and double pitched
. The elevation structures were provided by 5 different companies that produced them with various constructive
typologies: CLT, NLT, and 3 different types of PF. The structure of the roof is a collaboration between 4 suppliers and
was made of Gl24h and Gl28h gluelam. All the load bearing elements were calculated to guarantee a fire resistance of
60 minutes

Virtual tour

The result of our work can be viewed and explored in the following virtual tour that represents the constructive design.





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