Town Hall in Crespole
25 November 2019
Makoko Floating School II
20 June 2019

The RUIMHUIS is a flexible apartment model, whereby a selection of unit types are interchangeable within the modular CLT frame.

All five unit typologies of the RUIMHUIS embody impeccable quality, design finesse, and complete ease of modification, all this while being done in a completely sustainable and circular way: the RUIMHUIS is completely carbon neutral.

De Hoven has used the advantages of CLT to its maximum potential in this project through modular planning, scalable thinking and its biomass advantages to produce a unique and economical model, adaptable enough to suit an array of residential developments. The first 50-unit RUIMHUIS will be built in the second half of 2021 in Helmond, The Netherlands.


De Hoven is a team of architects, property developers and supply-chain engineers who specialise in sustainable housing solutions. We team up with other pioneering developers, investors and municipalities who share our vision in changing the nature of the construction industry towards greener and sustainable cities. We are a South African based company with our head office in Johannesburg, and a secondary local office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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