Primiero’s Secondary School

Private villa in Sweden
27 February 2019

The project involves a wooden structure of a prefabricated building for school use that is spread over four floors with a maximum height of 14.76 meters and with a four-pitch roof.

The new volume is generated starting from a compact square base that develops regularly in height for three floors above ground and opens towards the street through a large covered porch on the ground floor.

The volume ends at the top with a simple hipped roof consisting of two larger main pitches and two smaller secondary pitches that end flushing with the facades. On the ground floor a wooden cladding defines the “base” of the building, while on the upper floors the plastered surfaces are characterized by the presence of large niches where the windows are placed for the lighting of the interiors.

The distribution system inside the building hinges on a large central atrium lit by a skylight placed on the roof around which all the school environments are arranged in a radial pattern, according to a pattern repeated regularly on the three levels. The building has an underground level through which you can reach the changing rooms of the nearby gym.


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