Horse training circle in Trentino
26 March 2019

New Blue Cross Head office, located in San Prospero (IT).

The building has a plan with an “L” shape and develops on two floors with a total height of 9,8 m.
The main features of the building are the roof and a cantilever.

The roof has different slopes and it’s realized with multi-box panels made of glulam beams and OSB panels.
The cantilever is located at an end of the building and it’s longer than 2 m.

The multifunctionality of the different parts of the building, which is thought to have some rooms suitable for residential other spaces intended to garage for ambulances, asked us to pay attention to the fire resistance requirements (R60 for the garages). Nevertheless, this aspect didn’t stop us from building the Head Office completely in wood and this was possible using 5 layers CLT panels of different thicknesses, 100-120-160mm.

Arch. Mauro Frate

Architect: Mauro Frate
What makes this project really different is the way we worked together, side-by-side with a great architectural practice: MFa of Mauro Frate. They know what timber is, they know what it can be done with timber and what can not be done, and especially they know that engineers love challenges. We have all spread our creativity by pushing the boundaries further and further and we believe this is the state of the art, this is our vision of the skyscrapers made of timber. It’s not just a simulation, it’s not just some “FEM colors”; this building is feasible and we know it because we worked having in mind the DfMA.


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