Heimdalsporten B-D

Upper House Panoramic Pergola
14 March 2022

Seven and eight storey modular buildings in Norway.

The tallest buildings commissioned to date by this Norwegian developer, Heimdalsporten is a modular residential project in Trondheim comprised of four towers: two of seven and two of eight storeys.

Photo by Unihouse

Each tower is constructed around a central reinforced concrete service/stair core that rises out of an RC foundation and ground floor base. Prefabricated modular units are arranged around these cores, using unique steel connections designed and developed by Ergodomus in conjunction with the module manufacturer, Unihouse SA, to take account of the progressively heavy downward load.

Services We Provided

The bespoke modules were designed and manufactured in Poland before being transported by sea to Trondheim in a special ship to enable the 110-120 modules to be unloaded in the correct order for subsequent assembly on site, a highly complex logistical challenge. Norwegian road regulations required final deliveries of modules to took place during night-time hours. Scheduled to take three weeks, the first seven-storey tower was assembled in only 10 days. The second was even quicker: 14 modules per day, an astonishing 30% faster than its predecessor.



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