Ex-Officine Scaglietti

Sports hall in Palagano
20 June 2017

The aim of this project was the renovation of the original headquarters of the historical car body shop Scaglietti, which had been out of operation for decades.

Ergodomus carried out the engineering of the entire wooden structure with the aim of preserving the still recognizable elements of a 1950s workshop. All of the external existing walls were maintained, while, on the inside, a CLT panel structure made it possible to create a highly performant building, both statically and energetically.
Assembly time: 3 weeks for 4 persons. No fixed crane needed!

Virtual tour

The result of our work can be viewed and explored in the following virtual tour that represents the constructive design.


Ex officine Scaglietti
by ErgodomusTimberEngineering
on Sketchfab










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