Better Energy Charging station

This futuristic mass timber charging station, with an incredible green roof, rethinks the mobility experience, providing quality spaces and services for drivers.

Photo by Better Energy

The Better Energy project we worked on is a fascinating charging station that showcases the future of green mobility infrastructure when combining best practices from the energy, ecology, and building sectors.

Ergodomus, contracted by Better Energy, has proudly engineered the whole structure providing complete value, structural analysis, and production drawings.

Services We Provided

Our value engineering for this structure included more than simply reducing the size of elements and materials. It extended to minimizing waste, streamlining assembly time, optimizing working hours, and ultimately reducing overall costs.

We are proud that this kind of structure, which aim is to help rethink our transportation and charging, are completely made of timber, one of the most sustainable building materials and we will always embrace everything that showcases greener mobility.

Photo by Better Energy
3D Model
3D Model

Collaboration led to a perfect design

Since the beginning of the project, Ergodomus worked really close with the architects and designing team from Effekt.

The fruitful collaboration between our engineering team and Effect’s architects played an important role in choosing timber as the unique material for this charging station, prioritizing sustainability over less eco-friendly building materials, also maintaining the project’s overall vision

With a strong emphasis on design, timber emerged as the ideal solution. By opting for timber, we not only achieved our design objectives but also ensured a sustainable approach that characterize both companies’ values.

Our commitment and attention to even the smallest details is visible, for example, in the design of the grain direction. It’s has been studied and analyzed not just to be visually beautiful but also to optimize the nesting giving the arches particular shape.

The optimized nesting for the different arches


In this gallery we propose a complete journey through the whole building process of this incredible structure where both people, cars and insects can charge their batteries in natural surroundings of diverse greenery.

Better Energy

Better Energy is a renewable energy company that creates new green energy. Better Energy design, develop, engineer, finance, build, operate and own renewable power plants that generate clean electricity.


Effekt is a design and research studio based in Copenhagen which includes designers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and an array of highly skilled specialists. Effekt provides solutions and services within
the built environment and the natural systems.


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