Arimondo’s Office

Bamboo Stalactite
13 June 2018

This structure is a great example of how off-site prefabrication considerably reduced construction time and costs.

The Arimondo’s office are situated in Cervo (Liguria): a single storey building with 1200 square meters of surface. It’s a platform frame timber building with steel columns and bearing system on the internal courtyard. The roof it’s made by off-site pre-assembled multibox elements with more than 12m of span, in which there’s been pre-installed the water flow system. Those elements permitted to streamline the building process which has been done in just 4 weeks. Ergodomus Timber Engineering did the calculation and the engineering of the whole structure.

Tour virtuale

The result of our work can be viewed and explored in the following virtual tour that represents the constructive design.

Uffici Arimondo
by ErgodomusTimberEngineering
on Sketchfab



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