CLT facade in Singapore

Dining hall in Felino
17 February 2018

The Eunoia Junior College (EJC) is a college located in Bishan (Singapore), consisting of two blocks of 10 and 12 story respectively. The campus will host a 900-seat auditorium, seminar rooms, classrooms, science laboratories and other rooms, focusing on innovation and the use of sustainable materials.

The new Eunoia Junior College has a hybrid structure composed of reinforced concrete and prefabricated slabs (Cree by Rhomberg) timber-cls. The façade is made of CLT prefabricated elements, on which fire-retardant coating and Rothoblaas waterproofing membranes have been pre-assembled. This solution meets the needs of the client, both in terms of environmental sustainability and from the point of view of ease and speed of assembly, which takes place from the inside without the use of scaffolding. Ergodomus Timber Engineering is committed not only to a careful engineering within a BIM workflow, but also to the project of waterproofing details.

The details deal with the connection with the supporting structure and meet specific performance requirements: fire, waterproofing, and durability. In particular, for this last aspect a dynamic thermo-hygrometric analysis was carried out using the software WuFi, highlighting how even in extreme climatic conditions (equatorial climate) the CLT panels don’t present any problem. Another big challenge was the organization of the transports reducing the number of containers and there optimizing the space.

The project was commissioned by our Taiwanese partner Woodtek, with whom we are carrying out other interesting projects (stay tuned!)


The video has been provided by WoodTek


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