6 CLT Storey in Parma

Parametric Façade
31 August 2021

A new multi-storey timber residential building!

The building located in the central area of ​​Parma, consists of 6 residential floors in Timber. The floors, walls and stairs are made using Xlam cross-layered panels.
The project will be completed in January 2022.

Coming soon!

Structural FEM Analysis

What makes this project really different is the way we worked together, side-by-side with a great architectural practice: MFa of Mauro Frate. They know what timber is, they know what it can be done with timber and what can not be done, and especially they know that engineers love challenges. We have all spread our creativity by pushing the boundaries further and further and we believe this is the state of the art, this is our vision of the skyscrapers made of timber. It’s not just a simulation, it’s not just some “FEM colors”; this building is feasible and we know it because we worked having in mind the DfMA.

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