6 CLT Storey in Modena

Heimdalsporten A-C
13 October 2020
Parametric Spiral Staircase
24 August 2020

For this project, the high resistance and stability of CLT panels made it possible to build large, multistorey wooden buildings, even in a region with high seismic activity.

Why should timber be used to build big and tall buildings? The answer is simple: because it is faster, cheaper, and better. The secret is to use engineered CLT panels which have very high planar resistance. This building is made entirely of timber, including its lift shaft and stairs! The horizontal forces due to seismic motion in this region are very high, requiring a very irregular construction (according to Eurocode 8). Therefore, Ergodomus had to perform a highly sophisticated FEM dynamic analysis in order to calculate the forces between the CLT walls and reinforced concrete foundations. The highest tension force was approximately 500kN!

The holistic approach to the design of the building was supported by BIM Technology (A new challenge in design: BIM (Part 1: what is BIM and why we use it)) which facilitated the information sharing between the different professional figures through the import/export of .ifc files (A new challenge in design: BIM (Part 2: the ifc format)).

Ergodomus also performed the complete engineering of timber structure and RC foundation, providing the shop drawings and the CNC machine programming.

A case study for the University of the Basque Country

This project, due to its structural and geographical characteristics has also been an important case study for the guide: Habitar en Madera, a guide for timber construction of dotacional accommodations prepared and published by the Universidad del País Vasco (University of the Basque Country).

Here below the part of the guide dedicated to our structure.

If you’d like to consult the entire book, which we find extremely stimulating and rich of helpful case study, click here


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