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Timber: What's Next?!

February 2022

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Can timber be the future for skyscrapers? This month we would like to propose you an in-depth analysis of MTB (multi-storey timber-based buildings).
At Ergodomus we are certain of the answer since we have already  engineered some of them.

Vittorio Salvadori - Ph.D. in timber-hybrid buildings and our old-time friend - analyzed more than 200 buildings from a design and contextual point of view, considering their evolution in the last 20 years. 

Only five-story or taller buildings were considered in this analysis and the results are amazing!
By analyzing the structure it emerged that the process of building an MTB is not the same everywhere. For example, some countries have a higher number of post-and-beam structures, others have only panalised structures, still others have mainly relied on 3D modular structures.
The private and public influences also change according to the country, but they remain the main drivers to the timber paradigm shift in construction.

We hope this study can pave the way for new, future, taller timber-based buildings.

Multi-storey timber buildings by Ergodomus

In the past few years, we have collaborated in the construction of many multi-storey timber buildings around the world.
They are a unique combination of design, sustainability and highly engineered materials.
At Ergodomus we are proud of the engineering process that makes these buildings come to life: from the feasibility study to the final assemble.

You can check some of them here!

/ Skycrapers made of timber

The technology to build skyscrapers using concrete and steel is very well known and it has been used for decades. What about applying the same principles to timber buildings?


/ 20 years of MTBs

Vittorio's in-depth analysis of  multi-storey timber-based (MTB) buildings can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Check it out!


/ MTC 2022 - Portland

The International Mass Timber Conference (MTC) is the largest gathering of mass timber experts in the world.


/ Economy and timber

What are the "side effects" of the economic and social progress on our society? Can timber be the solution?


/ Computational Design

Computational Design is a recent development of the design discipline in which the aspects of computational thinking are combined with those of design.
Look at how we mix timber and computational design!!


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