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Timber: What's Next?!

October 2021

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IWBC stands for "Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference" and on October 27th I'll be one of the speakers at the panel "Are Hybrid Solutions the future for Mass Timber?", sharing the stage with Pat Layton, Andrew Waugh and Nick Milestone. I look forward to e-meeting you there!

What if you had an old concrete building façade you don't like anymore? What if you could make it beautiful in a very simple way?
This is what we did with our computational design department and the result is simply amazing!!!

In September we spoke about how economists view the construction industry. We used those ideas/views to engineer a 6 storey CLT building in Parma and Value Engineering was an important part of our scope of work: it was a challenge but thanks to our holistic view of the projects we made timber the most cost-effective solution.

Form-finding and timber

Last but not least: as you know, we are exploring how timber can be the most cost-effective material to manage complex geometries. To do this, we are using technologies like AR, AI and form-finding. Together with the friends of "Performance Network" we're organizing a webinar about this topic. It will happen in October and more details will follow soon: keep following us on LinkedIn!

/ 6 storey CLT building

This project will happen in Parma (Italy) very soon. Thanks to a great team we engineered it in a very short time getting (again!) the most out of timber.


/ Parametric façade

How to make an anonymous old concrete façade look stunning using just some CNC-machined timber panels, technology and imagination!


/ IWBC 2021 in Boston

I've always been a supporter of hybrid solutions because they allow us to get the most out of each material: timber, steel and concrete.

What's your opinion? Join this event to hear more!!


/ Computational design & Timber

We've been exploring the use of New Technologies for years and we implemented the computational design more than one year ago. It's amazing what you can do with timber!


/ Form finding Webinar

Together with the friends of "Performance Network" we're organizing a webinar about the use of form finding methods and optimization for timber structures.

More details to follow soon on LinkedIn.


/ Follow us on LinkedIn!

A few weeks ago we celebrated a new big milestone: 7000+ followers on LinkedIn!

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