Timber buildings: how long do they last? (Part 1)

Building physics, Technical

One of the most common questions we are asked is this: “How long does a wooden building last?”.

The answer of the question is complex and related to various aspect of the building process, mainly including the design. The durability of a timber structure can be compromised, but why does it happen? For an intrinsic physical limit of the material or are other factors that determine a considerable reduction of the life of the building? Does a careful study of the construction details help?


CLT oversea: Find out how we did it!

Technical, Timber engineering/BIM

When you have to transport materials to a construction site on another continent, what should be considered? In this article we will try to highlight the main aspects and limits of container transport based on our experience gained on oversea sites. (more…)

Connection between platform frame walls and concrete using hold-downs

Details, News, Static, Technical

The correct design of a frame building involves a series of precautions necessary in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the static requirements in compliance with the regulations. In this article we will analyze an aspect related to the correct design of the ground connection detail. (more…)

Window-wall detail

Appointment, Building physics, Details, IR analysis, News, Technical

The window is a weak point in the envelope of the building and must therefore be considered very carefully during the design phase keeping in mind the following needs:

  • Air / water / wind seal
  • Static
  • Limited effect of the thermal bridge and surface temperatures


Complex geometries and the Ergodomus Easter egg made of…

News, Technical, Timber engineering/BIM

The new architectures require increasingly elaborate shapes and timber is undoubtedly one of the best material for this purpose: in a few weeks we will be able to show you a really amazing project we are working on … not just during the day … At the moment we can not tell you more.