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Since the beginning (2007), Ergodomus has always firmly believed in off-site construction and in the need of improving the building sector. As a founder of the company, I’m still promoting this every time I meet new people or I give a speech at conferences all over the world. So I know that it is not easy to meet people with a similar mindset, people believing that timber is not just a material but is something more, is a new method of construction, is a way to change the way we built. (more…)

The silent Killer

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Save the planet” is the mantra that is heard reciting daily in the global contest by all media and all events. Being an environmentalist or becoming it fast is an obligation imposed on us by reckless use of resources. They are the ones under twenty who pull their ears to the system. It may surprise, but let’s think about it, this is the generation that advances to boast the most considerable rights, considering that their life expectancy is more than double compared to that of a fifty-year-old today. It will be them, their children, their grandchildren, and so on, who will have to take charge of a planet on the brink of collapse. All this imbued by the rhetoric of the climate summits where we solemnly promise that by 2020 .., 30 and ..40 emissions will be reduced by a whole lot. (more…)

Mass Timber Plants Growing Outside of Europe by Paul Kremer

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Throughout 2019 we have seen some amazing achievements in the mass timber market around the world. Whilst there is some much activity it’s hard to keep track with the pace intensifying. Let’s take a closer look at just a few developments occurring outside of Europe. (more…)

Tall timber building – The results of the survey

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It’s always interesting and at the same time important, to understand the opinion of the different type of figures who work in the world of timber buildings. For this reason in the last few years we proposed some surveys which always gave us satisfying results, and suggested us some food for thought. The last one we made was about multi-storey buildings.

In the following analysis we wanted to share with you the most significant data about the surveys we made.


U shaped membrane against moisture: problem or solution?

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durability_platform_frame_rotten_wall_timber_9We often discuss with clients/colleagues the role of U shaped membranes, which is a system applied at the bottom of timber based walls to prevent from rising moisture. Those membranes most of the time are bituminous and provide water tightness via a butyl based adhesive and are presented as the “final solution to the durability issues of timber buildings”. Is this right? (more…)