Tall timber building – The results of the survey

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It’s always interesting and at the same time important, to understand the opinion of the different type of figures who work in the world of timber buildings. For this reason in the last few years we proposed some surveys which always gave us satisfying results, and suggested us some food for thought. The last one we made was about multi-storey buildings.

In the following analysis we wanted to share with you the most significant data about the surveys we made.


U shaped membrane against moisture: problem or solution?

Building physics, Technical

durability_platform_frame_rotten_wall_timber_9We often discuss with clients/colleagues the role of U shaped membranes, which is a system applied at the bottom of timber based walls to prevent from rising moisture. Those membranes most of the time are bituminous and provide water tightness via a butyl based adhesive and are presented as the “final solution to the durability issues of timber buildings”. Is this right? (more…)

Tall timber building: what’s your opinion?

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After the exponential growth of CLT  production and the sprawling of multistory timber buildings all over world, the target seems to move toward tall timber constructions.

The number of timber buildings taller than 50m (164’) increases day after day and some of these were  even able to reach almost 90m (295’)!



Timber buildings: how long do they last? (Part 1)

Building physics, Technical

One of the most common questions we are asked is this: “How long does a wooden building last?”.

The answer of the question is complex and related to various aspect of the building process, mainly including the design. The durability of a timber structure can be compromised, but why does it happen? For an intrinsic physical limit of the material or are other factors that determine a considerable reduction of the life of the building? Does a careful study of the construction details help?


CLT oversea: Find out how we did it!

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When you have to transport materials to a construction site on another continent, what should be considered? In this article we will try to highlight the main aspects and limits of container transport based on our experience gained on oversea sites. (more…)