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Dear Reader, this month we are going to talk about an important issue: air tightness in wooden buildings giving you some interesting tips. Then we are going to present you how we designed a multistorey clothing store.
Made of timber of course!


A clothing store in Zevio

A lightweight multi-storey structure, problems on the existing foundations, fire resistant, only a few weeks for the construction. These are very specific requirements for a clothing shop engineere by Ergodomus. Click here if you want to see more!


Air tightness of timber buildings: a critical and underrated issue! – Part 2

It is well known that air tightness is a very important issue for wooden buildings. This time we talk about how to build a wooden "BlowerDoor-proof" building. (more...)


Timber Buildings: a new businness opportunity?

More than 150 technicians from around the world have already taken our survey.
You only have until mid-March: hurry up! (more...)


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