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Dear Reader, have you had a good start to 2017? At Ergodomus we are ready: new challenges for us and new exciting projects to present to you. This month I'll talk about BIM and Timber construction: can Timber change ad improve the way we work? How? Then I'll present you our project (multistory building) in which we used panels totally without glue.


House Riccardi: a multistory building without glue

Do you know that it is possible to build multistory timber houses using panels without glue? A few months ago we designed (static calculation, assembly drawings, CNC machining) a three-storey building not so far away from Milan. Curious to see what and how we did? (more...)


A new challenge in design: BIM (Part 1: what is BIM and why we use it)

It is well known that, as a design process starts and evolves, it gets more and more difficult to conciliate all the requests coming from the involved professionals. The engineered timber and BIM process can help. Let's see how it is possible! (more...)


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Franco Piva



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