November 2023

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Ergodomus is an Italian Timber Engineering firm with an international experience on over 300 buildings.
Our designing holistic approach meets unique technical and managing services, far beyond static calculation.

Mass Timber: what's next?

Dear {subtag:name},

We're getting closer the end of the year, but there are still a few weeks of hard work to go before we draw up the classic annual report (if it continues like this it will truly be a great year)

To start 2024 on the right foot, we decided to write an interesting article on which we would like to start a constructive discussion to solve doubts regarding Bim, LOD and Mass Timber thanks to everyone's experiences

In this edition we also want to remember a great friend and professional who recently and sadly left us with one of his most iconic teachings.

Bim, LOD and Mass Timber: Share your Perspective

In this new article about Level of Development (LOD) we set ourselves an important goal: to involve as many people as possible in trying to fill in the gray areas existing between different LODs (100, 200, 300, 400) in timber engineering.
Read this article and share your experience to connect with other experts and bring benefit the entire sector!


ProjectG124 - A pavilion with Renzo Piano

We recently visited a project that has a special place in our portfolio due to the collaboration with the Archistar Renzo Piano. This pavilion gave a new life to the park where is placed and perfectly withstood the passage of time.


If it's not a system, it is not a solution

We would like to remember Gerry McCaughey, who sadly passed away, by sharing one of his many teachings he transmitted during DfMAy 2023 this spring.  


Tech Article| The 80/20 rule for Timber Engineers

In the main news we mentioned this valuable article. The 20/80 principle is closely related to LOD, time and effort
Read the article to discover how this words are all connected to each other.


If you think we can help you in any ways or you want to share your ideas with us, feel free to contact us!
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