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Mass Timber: What's Next?!

July 2022

Dear {subtag:name},

Today I was looking at our pipeline of the projects and at my calendar with all the weekly meetings scheduled with our clients.

We're actually working on projects in 9 different countries (see the map below): Australia, Singapore, Poland, Cyprus, Lebanon, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands and United States. The time zones go from GMT+10 to GMT-5 and we are on GMT +2!

How can we manage those projects and all the information related to them? We created a simple, strong and reliable system to share files (almost) getting rid of emails and heavy attachments. Weekly meetings are then essential to keep track of all the deadlines and update our clients about the status of the projects.

But this is not enough... the (R)evolution is to use the digital model in a very efficient way. We see every project first as an endless sequence of 010101010101 and then as a set of beams, columns, connections, etc... The digital model can be very easily sharedamong the designers and used to quickly get all the information needed (i.e.: quantities, costs, sustainability, CO2 impact, logistic, etc...) from the early stage. You'll find below the first technical article we wrote about the digital model.

We discuss about the digital model and how we use it also during our conference DfMAy (still available on our website). There's no DfMA without the digital model and vice-versa!

The digital model makes the difference!

A unique pergola in Brisbane

We're all familiar with straight glulam beams but a bit less with curved ones. What about double-curved and twisted glulam beams? This was the challenge we faced in Australia: we intensively used computational design and our "brains" to value engineer the project and made it feasible. We even produced the files for the CNC machines, to have total control of the project.

/ The digital model

We are more than certain that Matrix and our digital models have many things in common.
Click and read why/how!


/ Project: 66-Hope

A mix of straight, single curved and double curved-twisted glulam beams.
This is the amazing Pergola we've engineered in Brisbane (AUS). The assembly will start quite soon!


/ Feasibility study

Every project starts with a preliminary analysis/feasibility study and there are dozens of different solutions to compare. Only Timber engineers can make it!
And we're not the only ones.


/ DfMAy Conference

What does DfMA stand for? Is it just "Design for Manufacturing and Assembly"? Or is it something more? Watch our conference for free!


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