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Mass Timber: What's Next?!

June 2022

Dear {subtag:name},

I'm still so excited after the DfMAy virtual conference that happened on May 26th. We had hundreds of attendees from all over the world and the event was live-streamed simultaneously on our website and 3 different platforms: Zoom, LinkedIn and YouTube.
The bad news is that the next edition will be in 2023, but...

The good news is that the whole event is already available for free on our website!!
All the five speakers gave great speeches and the final Q&A session was fantastic. So Patrick, Paul, John, Philipp and Greg: thank you!!!

DfMA is not just "Design for Manufacturing and Assembly" but is much more than that, and we will try to explore all the different meanings in the next few months. Some important keywords are: digital model, timber seen as a digital material, information sharing, detailing, collaboration, holistic, on-site problems prediction. All of these can be seen as a way to value engineer the project, lower the risk and make timber the most cost-effective solution to go for.

Who can do this? Who has the skills to do this?
There's just one answer: the timber engineers! And you should think of hiring one from the very early stage of the project.

Pavilion design

Did you know that timber is probably the best material to be used for pavilions? We talk about demountability, quick assembly, logistics.

/ Project: Pavilions

We've engineered many pavilions, constantly pushing the boundaries. They look so beautiful! It was always a challenge because of the time, the shape, the room... But we've always succeeded!


/ Service: DfMA

DfMA stands for way more than "Design for Manufacture and Assembly". A methodology that can simplify your work, saving money and time!

See how our approach is when it comes to timber!


/ Industrialised Timber Constr.

The first industrial revolutions enabled humanity to strive and gain freedom by multiplying its strength, productivity, outreach. How can industrialised timber help us to face the new challenges?!


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