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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

Guess which industry sector has grown least in the past 20 years… We are very excited this month to host a young company we're working with and that has a super innovative mindset.
They analyzed the market, they found its weak points and on those they created a new IT-company using modern technologies. It is really worth to know their opinions and to do it we hosted the 2 young founders: Markus and Lukas. You're just a few minutes away from knowing how the building indistry should evolve.
The city of Portland (OR) will be "The place to be" for the timber community in March: indeed this city will host the first Mass Timber Hackathon and then the Mass Timber Conference.
Our director Franco will be there as a speaker (Timber Hackathon) and as a delegate (Mass Timber Conference): what about meeting there and talk about Mass Timber? We know, there are many Hackathons all over the world, but this one is one of the few about Mass Timber: you can't miss it!
Last but not least: last year we engineered a dining hall made of Timber and we are very proud of it because the students will eat good food in a human-friendly environment. Will food be even better?


Save the date: Mass Timber Academy

The Mass Timber Academy programme embraces all aspects of mass timber design, engineering, manufacture and construction. Here is the full press release, you can't miss it! (read more)



Have you ever participated to a Hackathon? And to a Mass Timber Hackathon? Our friend Greg Howes is organizing one of the most important ones in Portland in March, just a few days before the Mass Timber Conference. Our director Franco Piva will be one of the speakers. (go to the site ...)


Save the date: Mass Timber Academy

The International Mass Timber Conference is one of the most important events in North America for the Mass Timber Community. This year this event will be held in Portland: many speakers from all over the world will present projects, researches, ideas, etc…  (read more)


Tjiko - Startup Off-site

We met Markus and Lukas last year at the big party they organized in Rosenheim in their HQ. We immediately liked their company and so we decided to work together and develop something new in the market! (more)


Dining hall in Felino (PR)
This project shows how timber and steel can be combined together to achieve a very ambitious result. Let's see what/how we've done it! (go to the site ...)


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LinkedIn is THE social network for professionals and our company page is like an open space where you can easily interact with us, ask for more information and especially you can always be updated on what's happening in the timber industry. Almost 3000 people from all over the world are already following us: join this community! (more)


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