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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

Ergodomus has been engineering timber buildings for more than 12 years and we've engineered more than 300 buildings all over the world using CLT, NLT, GLT, DLT, etc… As a founder and director of this engineering company I had the privilege to design my very first timber building (CLT) in 2003 and I immediately fell in love with that material. 16 years ago, as a timber engineer, I felt alone in the dark but in the past years the timber market has changed rapidly and in a disruptive way all over the world.
A few months ago in London I met a few key-people and one of them is coming from the "other side of the World", Paul Kremer (I'll talk about the others in the next months). Paul is a hard worker and he is running the "Mass Timber Construction Journal" and the "Modern Method of Construction journal": so I asked him to share with us his view of the market. He did great and here below you can read what's happening all over the world. I'm sure you have no idea about the total production of CLT
This month we will present you a very nice building we engineered a few months ago in Parma: it's the HQ of a company called VisLab. Rib-panels, BIM workflow, CLT, high earthquake forces. These are the keywords for this project. The façade is made with one of the most sustainable material in the world which is…
IWBC stands for Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference and we love the two words combined together "industrialized" and "wood". Ergodomus will be there and we look forward to meeting you.


VisLab’s Headquarter

Parma is an Italian city that is famous all over the world for the food. There is another valid reason to visit it: the HQ of VisLab which is entirely made of timber!  (More ...)


Mass Timber Plants Growing Outside of Europe by Paul Kremer

There is nothing left to add to what we wrote above. Enjoy the reading and let us know your thoughts! (More ...)


Industrialized Wood-Based Building Construction Conference

Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference. IWBC will be held in Boston November 4th-6th and our director Franco will be there. Do you want to meet him? Just drop us an email!  (More ...)


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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Francis of Assisi

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