VisLab’s Headquarter

VisLab is a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles.


Office Buildings

Parma (PR) - Italy


Originated as a startup of the University of Parma, it was acquired by the multinational Ambarella, introducing the need for a new company headquarters.
The new building has 3 storeys made entirely of wood with CLT (stairs included) with a northern facade nearly completely glazed and braced by timber elements. The only steel components are screws, brackets, and dowels used
for connections. The floors have a span of about 8m and were prefabricated off-site by coupling CLT panels and gluelam beam.
Everything was calculated and engineered by Ergodomus: a team of 4 people completed the assembly of the structure of over 1200m² in just 4 weeks without any fixed cranes.

Virtual tour

The result of our work can be viewed and explored in the following virtual tour that represents the constructive design.


VisLab Headquarters
by ErgodomusTimberEngineering
on Sketchfab






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