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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

Timber is becoming a sort of a "new construction material", despite being one of the very first materials used by humans to build their own homes. This is happening because Timber is natural and sustainable and we really need to re-think the way we actually build.
Do you know how many tons of CO2 can store a cubic meter of wood? As timber engineers we think that timber can offer much more than this and that there is a great untapped potential.
Therefore we wrote a short article about how we think timber will transform the construction industry in the near future. We found out that we and Google share the same point of view! Let's see why!
Scaglietti was a very famous coachbuilder working for Ferrari, for this reason Scaglietti is also the name of a famous V12 Ferrari car. Somehow Scaglietti, Modena, Ergodomus and Wood are connected together. Are you curious to know why?

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"Ex-Officine Scaglietti"

Is it possible to build a timber house inside another existing building? What if the existing building was the place where Mr. Scaglietti handcrafted some of the most famous Ferrari cars? It was a great challenge for us, but we did it. (click here)


How Will Timber Transform the Construction Industry?

What will the timber industry look like? How will timber Transform the construction industry?
I.T. giants are proving that wood technology will be the key to success. But this is not enough, we need a very rare ingredient. Which? Let's find out together. (read more)


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Sam Levenson

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